We're your team in difficult times

Few Words About Us

"Nouveau Riche Club” is a Spanish luxury fashion Brand founded among women.

A fashion label that was made as a utopia of one of the new realities.

Manufacturing is based in Madrid, with unique designs and made from the best fabric, fit and fabrication.

The reason why this brand has evolved is due to the unspoken truth of the rich families. As a person who has attended a boarding school since a very young age, I must express that the lives of students are not as simple and joyful as they seem by looking at them from the outside. People tend to classify boarding school student and alumni as spoiled children however its these children that have been separated from their families at a young age and out in an unknown country.

We are here to generate our new found family. A family where every person who feels out of place or simply feels as though their life has not been shared amongst their own families has a chance to join ours. The result is a new brand that wants to embrace all the young people, who sees life as it is, and want to be different and exclusive.

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